Classes and Events

Grateful Body Mini Facial Massage

26 January, 6pm-8pm

Let Mary from Grateful Body pamper and nurture you with a free mini facial massage using their exquisite holistic skincare products made right here in Nevada City. Please call the shop on 530 470 6157 to schedule your 20 minute appointment.


Adaptogens: Herbs For Resilience

11 February,  6pm-8pm
Instructor: Daylin Wade, M.S.
Adaptogens are a popular buzzword in health and wellness today but what are they exactly and how do they work?
Adaptogenic herbs are highly prized for their use in creating greater vitality and resilience- to stress, illness, and exhaustion.
These precious herbs have long traditions of being used in this way in ancient India and China. More recently, modern science has begun to elucidate their mechanisms of action.
This class provides an overview of several adaptogens, their specific characteristics and uses, along with recipes and samplings of herbal preparations highlighting adaptogenic herbs. You will leave with an understanding of how to incorporate adaptogens into your daily routine and use these remarkable herbs for maintaining resilience in the face of increasing stress and burnout.

Herbs for Healthy Digestion

19 March, 6pm-8pm
Instructor: Daylin Wade, M.S.
Digestion is the root of human health, both traditional medical systems and current science support this concept.
In this class we will highlight the links between digestive health, immunity and mental well-being while providing an introduction to building a healthy digestive system through herbs, diet and positive habits.
We will also examine the complex ways that bacteria in the digestive tract (our microbiome) impact our overall health and learn ways to improve our gut health with pre- and pro-biotics.
Each participant will leave with a class made digestive tonic to begin putting into action the concepts learned in class.