As the seasons shift to fall and winter, it’s a good time to slow down, ground, reset and use herbs to bolster our immune defenses for the upcoming cold and flu season.

Learn how to use herbs and self-care practices to nourish and tonify your body, mind and spirit to stay healthy this fall and winter.

Naturopath and Clinical herbalist Jahwei Chen-Graf will be diving deep into several herbs and medicinal mushrooms that are perfect for this time of year. She will share aspects of immune health from a Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Herbal perspective.

Includes are recipes and practical ways to incorporate these potent herbal allies into your life!

This class is a replay from a live online Zoom Class with Powerpoint Slide Presentation and the link to watch will be available until December 21st, 2023. Go to your email and the receipt of purchase will have the link to the class (you will need to have Zoom to watch it).

Customer Review: “Jahwei at Remedy Garden hosted a very relevant and informational Zoom class on herbal immune supports for the fall season. I was very surprised at how deeply the information was delivered in an easy to understand way. She shared several recipes and resources, and the pace of the class kept my attention throughout….Thank you again! Warmly, Sarah Clark”