Divine Wellness was formulated to taste great and be super good for you too.

A classic combination of elderberries and echinacea to stimulate immunity. This blend has added Chaga mushroom for its adaptogen, immune modulating and antioxidant properties. 

Rosehips and Hawthorn Berry for their vitamin C and flavonoid content but also for their heart healing action.  Cinnamon stimulates circulation, and licorice harmonizes it all perfectly. Enjoy! Comes in a re-sealable, eco-friendly 3 oz package.

2 reviews for Divine Wellness Tea

  1. Hannah

    This tea is so delicious and nourishing, one of my favorite teas for all occasions.

  2. shanna timlin (verified owner)

    I’ve tried Sweet Immuni-Tea and Viral Defense Tea…while they are really good, the Divine Wellness is my favorite by far. I think it’s because it has cinnamon in addition to all the other good flavors. Highly recommend this one!

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